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Your downtime, our priority

TEI SERVICE is a technical assistance company for machine tools (lathes, vertical machining centres, milling machines, and grinding machines...). Ottavio Forasacco founded the business in Busto Arsizio in 1989, seeing the need for a company that fully supported customers by helping to prevent "machine downtime" from causing economic damage. The company has a strong family spirit. It has grown over the course of 30 years at its branches in Cardano al Campo (Lombardy) and Musile di Piave (Veneto), and adapts its operations to changes in the market. These two locations, covering a total of 1700 sqm, offer quick, inexpensive interventions and spare parts at the warehouse nearest to the customer.

Ottavio Forasacco’s farsightedness, in-depth skills in electronics and mechanics, and acquaintance with the machines produced by C.B. FERRARI led him to open a C.B. FERRARI service centre in 1995. The centre in San Donà di Piave covers the whole Triveneto area and was joined a few years later with another branch in Musile di Piave.
Since 2008, in addition to the C.B. FERRARI machine assistance service, the Musile di Piave site of TEI Service has carried out the retrofitting of machines built in Mornago, to satisfy a growing demand for "used reconditioned" and guaranteed products.
The Veneto branch specialises in the servicing of machine tools. With six members of staff, it offers electronic and mechanical assistance, along with a washing and painting plant. It can thus return fully operational machines to the customer, guaranteed by the experience of TEI Service.

At its main branch in Cardano al Campo (VA), TEI Service operates as an external multi-brand service centre for the companies and foreign businesses that use importers to cover the various markets. Cardano al Campo has around 10 technicians capable of working on any machine tool, whether manual or managed by the most advanced numerical control systems.

Thanks to framework agreements signed with importers or distributors, TEI Service is very often the preferred and direct contact point of customers for machines under warranty purchased directly from the manufacturer, or the partner that the same companies rely on to install and startup of their equipment.
The professionalism of our technicians and the commitment of all partners to help fulfil the company mission statement: "your downtime is our priority", enable us to win the trust of the customer and become the first port of call for all their machine servicing. This confidence spills over into preventive consultancy for the purchase of new machinery or for the optimisation of existing ones.

As a guarantee of the absolute quality of the technical assistance process, the head office has been ISO 9001 certified since 2001 and the Veneto branch since 2007.

TEI Service: a company with a family spirit and a certified and guaranteed industrial process.
TEI Machine Tools was founded in 2016. The company deals with the purchase and sale of new machine tools. The trust built through many years on the market, thanks to quality technical assistance, the demand of numerous customers for machines reconditioned by TEI Service and the presence of importers with no local service network, have created space for this new business, now led by the second generation of the Forasacco family.
The same spirit that guided Ivano in the startup phase in 1989 moved Ottavio to offer customers an onsite service. This service ranges from looking for the machine tool best suited to their production needs, to the guaranteed provision of technical assistance for machines built in the Far East.


Discover the people of TEI SERVICE



Ottavio Forasacco has been at the helm of TEI Service since 1989 and has “always” been responsible for the servicing of machine tools. It all began in a 35 sqm workshop in Busto Arsizio. Almost 30 years later, TEI Service occupies a covered area of almost 1000 sqm in Cardano al Campo in Lombardy and over 700 sqm in Musile di PIave, Veneto...>>


Co-owner – administration

She facilitates the work of technicians, providing essential support in sharing strategic choices..
RRosy, wife of Ottavio Forasacco, immediately joined her husband on his business adventure. With a technical background, over the years she has built the organisational and management structure of TEI Service...>>


Administration and front end

Know how to listen to provide valuable operational support.
Manuela has one of the most demanding roles at a service company engaged in technical assistance for machine tools. She is the first point of contact with customers calling TEI Service to complain about machine downtime...>>


Co-owner and purchasing manager for TEI Service, owner and Administrator for TEI Machine Tools

Looking to the future with respect for our history. Ivano Forasacco is one of the second generation at the helm of TEI Service, where he is responsible for purchasing and procurement....>>


Head of Cardano al Campo technical office, head of design

The ability to understand and solve problems enables him to manage thousands of interventions per year.
Alessandro Casto has worked in technical assistance at TEI Service for over 20 years and has spent 15 years designing the machines to be serviced...>>


Head of Technical office at Musile

Technical background, management skills and organisational skills, the ability to manage the Triveneto site.
In 1995, Ottavio Forasacco asked Mauro Rocco to manage the Veneto branch of TEI Service...>>

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