Alessandro Casto

Head of Cardano al Campo technical office Head of design

The ability to understand and solve problems enables him to manage thousands of interventions per year.

Alessandro Casto has worked in technical assistance at TEI Service for over 20 years and has spent 15 years designing the machines to be serviced. He joined the company in 1997 as an electronic technician and, after two decades is head of technical assistance at the Cardano al Campo site, coordinating the organisation of the work of the 10 technicians present in Varese, as well as being head of design for the two branches, activities that he has performed in close collaboration with Mauro Rocco.
Over these years, he has become skilled at interpreting the needs of customers and the potential or limits of the machine tools entrusted to him. This real passion is revealed by his ability to design new components, updates or extremely important interventions, in order to restore otherwise obsolete machines to efficiency. The contribution of innovations to restore efficiency is always consistent with the complex safety regulations to which TEI Service voluntarily adheres.


As technical manager, Alessandro has worked on machines for various production companies, thus developing an almost unequalled ability to assess the range of interventions needed.
This experience enables him to maintain an excellent relationship with customers and to provide useful suggestions or information even during the first telephone contact. Alessandro's first seeks to solve the problem of downtime, ahead of the technician’s appointment at the customer's premises, which normally takes place within 24 to 48 hours of the request.
Technical assistance or the introduction, commissioning and testing of new machines from the Cardano al Campo site also involves customers based abroad: from India to the United States, from China to Thailand, from the Gulf Arab states to European countries such as Germany, France and Switzerland. Especially for new machines installed abroad, the training given to local technicians and operators is key to enabling the customer to independently manage production and maintenance.
In addition to customer assistance, Alessandro coordinates his colleagues’ work schedule in close cooperation with the administrative office and spare parts warehouse. Knowledge of maintenance history and planning are key factors for winning customer loyalty for a company that aims to intervene quickly in the event of downtime.
TEI Service's extensive experience in the field of both electronic and mechanical technical assistance, means that when working on machine tools it can also include complete machine overhaul with the assumption of responsibility for the interventions carried out, certified by the CE marking of the machine. Careful design work therefore plays a decisive role and is also guaranteed by quality certification, which includes not only the monitoring of production processes, but also this high added value phase. TEI Service has obtained ISO 9001:2015 quality certification.
Alessandro's propensity for problem solving, his ability to see everything together and his spirit of taking up and dealing with new challenges on a daily basis, is also reflected in his passions. He practises martial arts competitively and sailing, a sport he practises at amateur level.
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