Corporate Social Responsibility

TEI Service has always engaged in social issues involving itself in support and charitable activities. It has sponsored, thanks to the company MGG Italia (Mobility guaranteed free of charge), Cardano al Campo (VA) and Musile di Piave (VE) local councils for the free loan of a disabled vehicle and for the transport of disadvantaged people (the elderly, the disabled and those with mobility problems for physical, mental, social or family reasons).

In addition, spurred by the enthusiasm of the two owners TEI Service is engaged in sport, with its support for ASD Città di Samarate Calcio football club. The amateur sports association founded in 2010 has teams in various categories: from the "First kicks", for five-year-olds to the Second category team, on to the 1st year Beginners, Mixed Beginners and Juniors. The company decided to support Città di Samarate Calcio because it shares the ideas of President Fabrizio Piantanida. The Association was set up to give young people a chance to experience sport under the eye of qualified instructors (ASD is registered with the main national federations: FIGC- Italian Football Federation and CSI – Italian Sport Centre) and, above all, to use football as a social vehicle, as a chance for children and young people to come together and grow. A rigorous code of ethics, based on racial equality, courtesy and respect, have been the shared principles of the local football world and TEI Service for many years.

TEI service is also an environmentally friendly company. This is why the two branches have each installed 12 kW/h photovoltaic systems, to make the company energy independent.
In addition, TEI service has a modern corporate car fleet, whose engines are environmentally friendly, regularly serviced and constantly maintained.
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