Ivano Forasacco

Co-owner and purchasing manager for TEI Service Owner and Administrator for TEI Machine Tools

Looking to the future with respect for our history.

Ivano Forasacco is one of the second generation at the helm of TEI Service, where he is responsible for purchasing and procurement.
His connection with the family business began as a child, when he played at the workshop in Busto Arsizio where TEI Service was founded in the late 1980s. Ivano was always curious about manual activities, electronics and mechanics. Naturally, he joined the company and has taken on roles of increasing responsibility.
The most important lesson that Ivano has learned down the years is customer service and respect for TEI Service’s history with machine tool manufacturers. This history is marked by a spirit of partnership and orientation to the rapid resolution of problems. “Our customers must never feel we have abandoned them, because their machine downtime is our problem.
Supplier management, spare parts stock assortment, training of technicians are all elements that play a strategic role within the organisation of TEI Service. In fact, they represent 50% of the efficiency of the assistance service and a good percentage of the managerial and commercial effectiveness.
For Ivano, the supplier is often a partner with whom to share the founding principles of TEI Service: rapid and effective intervention to minimise the customer's downtime.
Technical matters only account for part of Ivano's activities. He is also responsible for marketing, commercial development of the company and the rationalisation of aspects of company CRM management. Ivano happily takes on this motivational challenge, in addition to operational roles and his position as administrator of the newly created TEI Machine Tools, a company that sells new machine tools.
The business development pursued by the second generation at TEI Service is inextricably linked to the market expertise and technical experience of Ottavio Forasacco, a reference point for Italian and foreign customers.
Managing daily business relationships, building customer loyalty and proposing sales activities through a service oriented consulting approach, is a strategic path for the development of both TEI Service and TEI Machine Tools.
In fact, a company like TEI Service, which has always dealt with technical assistance services, has built its reputation on the quality of its work and the competence of its technical staff. These values need to be communicated and brought to the attention of the market. His passion for machines translates in his spare time into a love of motorbikes. Although Ivano’s he developed this passion as an adult, he immediately fell in love with them, so much so that he started out on a great classic: the Ducati Monster, to which he dedicates the little free time left by company and family life, his real great love.
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