Manuela Casale

Administration and front end

Know how to listen to provide valuable operational support.

Manuela has one of the most demanding roles at a service company engaged in technical assistance for machine tools. She is the first point of contact with customers calling TEI Service to complain about machine downtime.
Manuela begins the day knowing that she will be dealing with problems and that her phone manner will colour how the customer perceives TEI Service. This is why Manuela needs to maintain and transmit calm, to reassure person on the other end of the phone. She seeks to immediately grasp their needs and why they are calling, in order to direct the request to the technician best placed to gather useful information for the assistance intervention that normally takes place within 24 to 48 hours of first contact.
Listening and understanding are the two key factors in Manuela's approach to work both in front-end management and in support of administrative activity. Manuela also follows the coordination between the technicians in the production of reports and the administrative management of the order. This is key to avoiding errors in the process, the generation of non-conformities and for the constant pursuit of quality.

This is why the management of human resources, their coordination and process optimisation occupy much of her day at TEI Service.

Manuela typifies the family spirit at TEI Service, so her workplace is also a bit like home... working with her husband and her family is a great stimulus and incentive to keep private life separate from work life once the day ends at Cardano al Campo.
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