Mauro Rocco

Technical background, management skills and organisational skills,
the ability to manage the Triveneto site.

In 1995, Ottavio Forasacco asked Mauro Rocco to manage the Veneto branch of TEI Service. The aim was to create a specialised technical assistance centre for machine tools (milling machines, machining centres) produced by C.B. Ferrari in a high-intensity industrial area where the Mornago-based company has many facilities, but where there is no technical assistance.
In recent years, the TEI Service team at the Musile di Piave site has expanded to six technicians, specialised principally in C. B. Ferrari machine tools. Over the years, the Triveneto technical staff has also been trained to provide technical assistance for the machines of other manufacturers, to meet the demands of a market with increasing numbers of international manufacturers.
In addition to the Triveneto area, the technicians at the Musile di Piave site also provide assistance to customers with production sites in Eastern Europe (the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Croatia, Slovenia...).
The reconditioning and servicing of machine tools is carried out within the 700 sqm Musile di Piave site; new washing tanks, renovated painting systems and the specific skills of the technicians make the TEI Service centre in Musile di Piave a place of excellence for retrofitting activities. As with the Cardano al Campo site, the speed of intervention and the availability of the most varied spare parts in stock represent an important competitive advantage. Over the past few years, centralised supplier management has become a key factor in the company's success, along with its ability to provide rapid response within 24 to 48 hours.
Mauro dedicates the little spare time left to him from the management of the Musile di PIave site, from the coordination of the five technicians present and from the operation, to his family and his dog, with whom he relaxes on long refreshing walks.
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