Musile di Piave site

As well as its headquarters at Cardano al Campo, TEI Service has a second operating unit in the municipality of Musile di Piave, in the province of Venice. The decision to operate from a site in the Triveneto region was in response to the need to be able to provide timely assistance to the numerous clients in the area and in the neighbouring territory, which forms part of former Yugoslavia.
Over the course of the years, the specific nature of the local productive fabric, in particular the metal-forming industry, has resulted in specialisation in this market, while still maintaining the focus on the business of retrofitting machines with the brand name C.B. FERRARI.

Here, in addition to mechanical, electronic and software maintenance of CNC machine tools, a large amount of work is done reconditioning used machines and then putting them back on the market.

This site, in fact, is the destination of very large machines which undergo a process of dismantling, renovation, bringing the electronics and programming software up to date, bringing the machines into compliance with current standards, and painting, testing and CE marking them before delivering them to the client.

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