Ottavio Forasacco


A businessman who has made customer service his raison d'etre.

Ottavio Forasacco has been at the helm of TEI Service since 1989 and has “always” been responsible for the servicing of machine tools. It all began in a 35 sqm workshop in Busto Arsizio. Almost 30 years later, TEI Service occupies a covered area of almost 1000 sqm in Cardano al Campo in Lombardy and over 700 sqm in Musile di PIave, Veneto. Since its foundation, the company has made dynamism and customer service, its mission, its raison d'être.

“The machine tool is an instrument that produces income for the business, so downtime must always be avoided."

Technical assistance must create value for the customer, limiting downtime as much as possible. Ottavio Forasacco founded his company in 1981 on this teaching and transmits it, above all, to the new generation at the company and to the technicians who represent the company at the customers' premises. Although he is aware that the work involved in technical assistance has changed over the years, he is equally certain that today more than ever, "downtime" is a decreasingly affordable cost for the customer.
Respect for the work of others, a sense of responsibility in troubleshooting and focus on production needs are the keys that have opened customers’ doors in over 30 years of activity. Every day Ottavio Forasacco arrives at the company early in the morning and closes the warehouses only after the last of the technicians has left, because TEI Service’s family spirit also involves taking care of staff and making sure that everyone’s day is over. Ottavio spends the little time left to him with his dogs to cultivate his passion for hunting, his other love. From birds to wild boar.... the owner of TEI Service hunts in groups and on solo outings, for the pleasure of walking in the open air and for moments of pure adrenaline.
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