Rosy Gangale

Co-owner – administration

She facilitates the work of technicians, providing essential support in sharing strategic choices.

Rosy, wife of Ottavio Forasacco, immediately joined her husband on his business adventure. With a technical background, over the years she has built the organisational and management structure of TEI Service. Her husband is the focus of service activities, while Rosy is the beating heart of back office and administration.
She seeks to manage the administrative side of customer relations and to make the work of technicians as straightforward as possible, anticipating and resolving any critical issues. This approach frees technical staff from administrative and financial concerns, so they can focus on solving customer problems, rendering their interventions more efficient and effective.
Rosy strives to facilitate the work of all staff; from the spare parts warehouse to logistics and technical assistance. A dual role, in Cardano al Campo and Musile di Piave. Rosy Gangale doesn’t just deal with administration but also coordinates organisation and support at the front end.
Rosy Gangale is also Quality Manager. The continuous improvement in the prevention of process non-conformities is a daily task for all employees and is her main responsibility. She seeks to involve technicians and collaborators in process optimisation because, "only someone who performs a job operationally, is aware of the room for improvement".
Ms Gangale's ability to listen is her main stand out quality and is a distinguishing factor for staff working in close contact with her. Only by listening to the life of the company, hearing anecdotes and grasping the nuances of the work, is it possible to really understand the daily activities of the people who work at TEI Service and give the customer a first response because, at TEI Service, customer service is everything.
Only someone who has experienced the birth and evolution of TEI service can imagine and predict its future development. This is a strategic factor that Rosy Gangale that enables her to monitor, along with her husband, the current generational transition, evaluating new business areas from the perspective of a company manager.
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