For over 30 years TEI service has offered technical assistance, retrofitting, spare parts management, and installation and startup of machines in production on the domestic and international market machine tool market.
The company provides technical assistance within a maximum of 48 hours with its 10 technicians at the Cardano al Campo site and six at Musile di Piave.

Two well stocked warehouses and an efficient management system guarantee the shipment of spare parts already in stock within 24 hours of receipt of the order.

Alcuni figures:
- more than 120 machines refurbished over the last 10 years of operation

In the last year:

500 customers served
2600 technical interventions
3800 spare parts managed in 2017
21,500 hours of technical assistance provided to customers
315,000 km travelled by car, train or aeroplane

A family business organised on an industrial basis. This sums up the spirit and mission of TEI Service.
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