Technical assistance has always been TEI Service’s core business. Customer downtime is our priority. Indeed, the slogan “your downtime, our priority", derives from a keen awareness that machine tools are a source of income for our customers and from the sense of responsibility felt by every technician when they go to work on a company’s machine. So, we offer maximum efficiency and speed of service.

Last year's technical support hours show the strength of our staff's daily commitment: around 11,750 hours of electronics assistance and over 9,750 hours of mechanical assistance, for a total of 21,500 hours spent with our customers. Our technicians operate on numerical or manual controlled machines, lathes, milling, boring, and grinding machines produced in Italy or abroad.

TEI Service’s technical assistance service has two aspects: direct customer relations for on-demand or scheduled maintenance work; framework agreements with importers and distributors of foreign manufacturers who take advantage of our professionalism and experience in installation, start-up, warranty service and maintenance.

The Tei service is a specialized technical assistance center for:

C.B.FERRARI - Milling machine

GIORIA - Rettificatrici a cnc

GT TREVISAN - Macchine utensili speciali per produzione di valvole

HURCO - Centri di lavoro alta velocità/Torni cnc

VIMAK - Centri di lavoro / torni cnc

PAVENTA - Fresatrici Montante mobile / centri di lavoro verticale

TORGIM - Torni paralleli

VIMACCHINE - Centri di lavoro/torni cnc

WAGNER - Centri di lavoro/torni paralleli/torni cnc/rettificatrici


DEBER - Alesatrici/Fresatrici a montante mobile e banco fisso

AERRE - Milling machine cnc
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