Hands-on courses on the machine

In over 30 years of activity in reconditioning machine tools, TEI Service has acquired a high level of experience and technical competence, enabling it to offer training courses actually on the machine to users of CNC machine tools. This allows clients to train and update their workforce on machines in use on production lines, and thus to apply what they have learnt immediately in operational terms. The theoretical / practical training takes place on the client's production site, so as to be able to deal with any critical issue which may arise in daily use of the fleet of machines installed there.

Courses are available for the following machines:

  • Selca / Heidenhain CNS on milling machines
  • Fanuc CNC on milling machines/lathes
  • Elexa / ECS CNC on milling machines

The training lasts 40 hours [modify in the case of courses of different duration], and is organised in accordance with the following programme:

  • General introduction to CNC
  • ISO Programming
    • Tool call
    • Origins
    • Speed definition
    • Profiles
  • Fixed cyclesi
  • Manual guide

Tei Service is willing to amplify or customise the training package to suit the client's specific requirements; in these cases, a technical discussion, and possibly a survey on the site where the machines are installed, is essential.

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