Spare parts

Over 3800 spare parts handled in one year and more than 400 repairs carried out at the customer's premises testify to the strategic importance of warehouse management and our company’s excellent logistics. TEI Service, although founded and directed with a family spirit, is equipped with industrial processes that allow it to provide a service that meets market expectations.

The figures bear witness to this:
- 3800 spare parts managed in one year
- 400 repairs per year carried out at the site where the machines are used
- 16 technicians providing domestic and international intervention
- 24h hours from the request, the average shipping time of spare parts available in stock

A warehouse always stocked with the main electronic and mechanical spare parts, privileged relationships with suppliers and manufacturers of machine tools to which TEI Service provides assistance and a well-established relationship with importers and distributors are all key to ensuring the efficiency of a process, apparently simple, but marked by many variables.

Ivano Forasacco, a representative of the second generation and head of TEI Service, directly supervises the purchasing office and coordinates warehouse logistics.

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