Technical consultancy on production

Thirty years of technical assistance on machine tools have helped build TEI Service's reputation in a market that has changed dramatically over the past decade.
The experience gained in the maintenance of the machines, in their reconditioning, in spending many hours at our customers' production sites, have cultivated a sensitivity and awareness of the customer's needs and the potential of the installed machines.
All this means that we have the consulting skills to help when a company wants to renew its fleet of machines.
The technical knowledge of the machine and, especially, of its weaknesses or problems that can arise with intense use over the years, make us a privileged point of reference for the customer. Our customers depend on TEI Service at times of emergency and urgency, but at the same time they can ask it for an opinion, advice and assistance when choosing or renewing their production machines, confident that they will receive a disinterested but extremely competent opinion.
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